The project

“Bright women in the dark period” presents forgotten Jewish women’s stories of WWII. The project consists of two parts which approach the subject differently: exhibitions and lectures.

Exhibitions will present 12 Jewish ladies’ stories through paintings. Each painting is based on one of the pictures of them in order to be closer to the reality. Instead to infuse my paintings with cruelty and coldness of its subject matter, I use poetry of the colors and shapes to slow down and soften the matters. It’s clean and fresh painting technique that gently flirts with spectators and makes those women “blossom” again.


During WWII the art and culture in general played a significant role in Nazis propaganda. Due to antisemitism plenty of Jewish art was taken away from the museums, destroyed, vanished or lost. My aim is to bring these Jewish ladies back on the walls of the museums and galleries and give them a change to bloom as a  symbol of Jewish womanhood resistance.


Lectures will give a verbal glimpse into Jewish females’ history, reverberating us to significant women’s role during WWII. As well as gently revealing the impact on cultural heritage, history, traditions on the whole womanhood. The project leans heavily on the fact that Jewish women history was forgotten and is readiness to be remembered through art and lectures. 

Most of my presented ladies are from Eastern Europe and the idea to bring their stories back home is one of the leading aspects of the project.  I believe that my project would have a significant opportunity to buoy, to reach different audiences such as: Jewish communities, local habitants, guests, teenagers, adults and specially women, all phenomenal women of all different backgrounds, religions and beliefs, to whom I dedicate this project and finally to prove that Europe is a home of faithful biography of humanity.

Lina Mumgaudytė

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